The National Community Of The Disadvantaged  Enrichment

National Community Of The Disadvantaged Enrichment, NCODE Inc ® 
NCODE REGIONAL ADM OFFICE, PO Box 11714, Omaha, Nebraska 68111
Other offices: East Spencer, North Carolina
At a glance, NCODE INC is uniquely created with innovative strategies. These strategies assist in less duplication of allocations to programs and services which are already successfully being rendered. NCODE strives toward developing programs and projects to be exclusive and inclusive to reach beyond utilizing traditional approaches and solutions.

NCODE's creative non-traditional strategic approach successfully reaches individuals, families, and communities that would otherwise be socially or economically disenfranchised, stagnated or lack access to specific solutions and benefits that would enable improvement and an increase chance toward a higher quality of life. This unique approach is accomplished through key targeted objectives carried out through special missions, projects, and programs.

Poverty, fear, and a sense of loss of hope and trust are attempting to shape our society, culture, and history. NCODE would like to spring forth “A New Thing! We welcome you to share in our sense of urgency for support to make a difference in the lives of needy individuals and families, many hidden deprived and despondent communities, the deserving and disadvantaged, and the neglected and the hidden poor. Together, we will reach-out and bridge the gaps and enable change, inspire new hope, provide choice and alternatives, offer revision of opportunities toward self-help and community empowerment; ultimately exposing and removing existing barriers that prevent access to a higher quality of life. 

Finally, after years of successful "Boots on the ground” hands-on field community missions, programs and poverty research studies, we can only hope to accomplish more in springing forth a unique national program. With your confidence, and voluntarism spirit of challenge, together we will set forth a legacy of change. Please join our endeavor to complete NCODE’s unique mission by contributing your support today. Simply click one of the links or contact us by phone. We look forward to working together with you.
2004, NCODE’s first group of volunteers team together to obtain Turkeys to feed other disadvantaged neighbors and friends. 

Below is a disabled man, a female domestic violence displaced victim, and a hungry disabled medically and mentally challenged female with no income.
​Phone At: (402) 779-7796 or (704) 633-5550
"Strategically aligning committed community partners, technology, resources, and compassionate individuals to restore hope, lives, and communities."
Last Update: February 12, 2024
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