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Our national office is located in North Carolina, however the Executive Board now meets twice a year in March and October whereas The Regional Board of Directors is located in Omaha Nebraska and meets Quarterly, most communication is done through our regional office.

If you are trying to contact us the best option is by phone, email, or writing to the Regional Board of Directors at the Omaha Regional Office location below. Please make sure you give us a complete explanation and topic subject of your issue, your name, city and state, any contact information. Please include a phone number or email address. If you have no phone let us know how we may contact you and what is the best time to contact you . We will assign your issue to an appropriate advocate volunteer or schedule it to be slated for discussion at our next Regional meeting in Omaha Nebraska or scheduled location. Only administrative issues will be slated for discussion at the Executive meetings in North Carolina. We reserve the right to assign your issue or set it for a discussion.  

We will do our best to respond to your request. We are currently budget limited in hours, but as funding increases we will extend hours. If you feel the matter is urgent, your best option maybe to contact us by phone. 

The needy assisting the neighbor " Together we have ability to reach and inspire the unreached"  

Our founding city of East Spencer, North Carolina. Most of the corporation’s programs and projects are now ran through the Regional Office located in Omaha Nebraska. The corporation hopes to expand its mission in the future in a first of 14 Board selected states. If you are would like to suggest your community please send your letter of request to the Regional Office.  
We are also in need of funding and supporters. Please support us by clicking on the Donate button or if you are a funder please call us or send your invitation letter to the Regional Office below.  

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Visitors are by appointment only. Applicants and those in need of assistance please contact our office by phone, email, fax, or by letter. We are in the process of seeking funds for an office in which we can support larger numbers of visitors.  

PO BOX 11714
*Send all mail to regional address above

East Spencer NC 28039 USA

Phone: 402 779 7796 or 704 633 5555
Fax: call 1st
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
National Community Of The Disadvantaged Enrichment, NCODE Inc ® 
NCODE REGIONAL ADM OFFICE, PO Box 11714, Omaha, Nebraska 68111
Other offices: East Spencer, North Carolina