The National Community Of The Disadvantaged  Enrichment

Frequently Asked Questions
The needy assisting the neighbor " Together we have ability to reach and inspire the unreached"  

How do I begin to participate?
I live in another state, so how will I be able to participate? 
Who can participate in a NCODE program or project?
Check back to view our calendar for open registration. Registration is based on the availability of funding for our program. During open registration, you may register by phone or by sending us an email request to contact you.​
At NCODE our mission is to deserving disadvantaged persons. By disadvantaged we mean those that have been recently at or below the current poverty level (USDA poverty line), low income, no income, or those who are on fixed income with limited opportunities to increase their quality of living. REQUIREMENTS; All volunteers, participants and clients; Registration is by an online application, US mail, and or by phone, and Identification is required. If you are homeless, elderly, handicapped and in need assistance, we will do our best to assist you to complete the registration requirements process. ​
If you are living in one of our current selected targeted states, then you will be able to communicate with us by conferencing by phone, email, us mail and via the internet. We will increase the number of states as we receive the support needed to expand our mission. If you live local to our regional office or headquarters you may be able to directly volunteer.​
How long can I participate in Volunteering. 
You will be assigned a level by the program director or senior volunteer director. Each level will be assigned a time-frame (determined by available funding and the total number of participants in each state). Once you have achieved the program maximum credit, or have completed 12 months you will complete the program. If more time is needed, a request can be made for an extension. 
I do not read or write very well, can I still participate?
We welcome those who are challenged with various issues, we will do our best to assist you or refer you to the next appropriate step so that you will be able to participate. 
Phone: 402 779 7796 or 704 633 5555
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