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NCODE Communities Innovation Projects Photos

The needy assisting the neighbor " Together we have ability to reach and inspire the unreached"  

Here are a few samples of projects in various USA communities
UPDATED: February 12, 2024
As our mission progresses we will share more photos. To protect the privacy of those who were assisted, some pictures have been edited. These photos are solely for viewing our mission and remain the property of NCODE Inc. and are not to duplicated, borrowed, altered or used in any manner, expressed or implied without the permission of NCODE Inc. Board of Directors .  

NCODE's Veteran Volunteer Project
Office Space Donated
Food Lion Steps In
NCODE Angels
Veterans also receive assistance
Spencer North Carolina surplus grocery pickup
A local business owner allows NCODE to use hid empty office building
Midnight, Volunteer Angels for Christmas program deserving Elderly & Childern
Boy Volunteer
Children Enriched
Volunteers help another mission to distribute to the needy
Lonely Get Visit
Children learn about spiritual joy
Children volunteer and receive their goal
Volunteers check on elderly, & distribute free groceries
Needy Neighbors Help The Most Needy
NCODE On The Move
Blighted Neighborhood Projects receive hope
No One Left Behind
NCODE prepares to relocate a program from NC to ND and then NE
The disadvantaged able Volunteers get credit to help the less baled
Disadvantage Volunteers get free groceries & credit to help the most needy
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National Volunteer Call Center
The launch of NCODE's Poverty Research Call Center and its Volunteer phone station
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